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Hello there! Hope you're having a great day. I'm Kate, just your average person with an unhealthy obsession with Psych and its cast. Tags can be found here.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything!

i’ve received multiple similar messages and i’m really glad all of you enjoyed this blog, and i hope you’ll continue enjoying all the others!!! you’re all super dope and made this experience in the psych fandom incredible. 

love love love and thank you

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hey all!! First of all, hope you’re all doing alright recovering from the psych finale. just remembered it’ll always be there if you need it, alright??

i know this blog has kinda been on and off, but this is still kinda hard to say.

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Psych gets gizoogled!

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Psych cast laughing.

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6.10 / 8.10

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"And I’ve kept you from the life that you deserve, you know? The life that you’ve earned. The life that you’d have if I hadn’t barged into your office eight years ago and said, ‘We’re gonna play detective, whether you want to or not.’ I love you, man."

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Junior Detective Buzz McNab :’)

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1.02 | 8.10

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