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Yo yo yo!!! Choices for tonight’s rewatch (which will be at 8pm EST):

Yang 3 in 2D (5x16)
Shawn Rescues Darth Vader (6x01)
Last Night Gus (6x02)

which one would you prefer??

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  1. untiltheveryend2018 answered: Shawn Rescues Darth Vader
  2. withathousandwordsunspoken answered: Yang
  3. hiphopdancer2 answered: Yang 3 in 2d
  4. timomundson answered: DARTH VADER U FRICKS
  5. castaelles answered: Last Night Gus !
  6. weepingwillowinthewind answered: Last Night Gus!!
  7. oberynmartelia answered: SHAWN RESCUES DARTH VADER
  8. lieutenantsmith answered: SALLY’S PICK BECAUSE ITS HER B-DAY (shh pretend she voted for something)
  9. spookypsychic answered: srdv
  10. allabouttheaccessories answered: Last Night Gus
  11. itallcomesdowntoyou answered: last night gus!
  12. theonebehindthecamera answered: yang 3 in 2D!!
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